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Animal Trainer

In our work, we combine the science of behavior change with creative training techniques and love to support animal trainers in their training adventures. Advance your knowledge and skills, hone your techniques and bring your training to the next level.

* Trick-, Film- und Foto-Shooting-Training
* Training with a variety of species (dogs, cats, chickens and other bird species, farm animals)
* Dog-sport, and -work    * Medical- and Husbandry Training   * Breeding & Socialization   * Pets & kids


We love to work together with colleagues that are enthusiastic about science-based, reward-oriented animal training.


The team of Renate’s Film-Tier-Ranch has over 40 years of experience in animal-friendly and successful movie animal training. Focusing on teamwork and quality, the team works with many national and international productions.

R+ Expert*

R+ Expert* is a comprehensive 2-year program for reward-based trainers. With Simone Fasel and Nadine Hehli, the team of Leben mit Hunden belongs to the most experienced pioneers of Clicker-Training in Europe.

Miezpertise Logo

Miezpertise is an exclusive continuing education program for cat-behavior-consultants from Happy Miez. Christine Hauschild is on of the leading lecturers of cat-behavior and -training in German-speaking countries.